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Location: Lavreotiki
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ΝΟΜΟΣ ΑΤΤΙΚΗΣ - ΑΡΧΑΙΟ ΘΕΑΤΡΟ ΘΟΡΙΚΟ 1100No previous experience or training is required for your participation.

We welcome you to our excursion “ adventure trip to Lavrio” which will definitely be one of the most adventurous we have organized so far! This time we will focus on three sites which are situated in eastern Attica in the wider vicinity of the Lavrio area. The ancient theatre of Thorikos, considered to be the oldest in Greece and unique for its peculiar elliptical shape, the huge open sinkhole (doline) of Chaos and the largest mine of the Attica region.

After heading off from Karaiskaki Square (Metaxourgeio Metro station) – central Athens at 9:00 a.m. we will head towards our first destination, the impressive “Chaos” sinkhole which has a circular diameter of 120 meters and a depth of about 55 meters. This sinkhole ( doline ) was probably formed millions of years ago by the collapse of the cave roof. There is a legend that the sinkhole was formed by a meteorite fall in the late 18th or 19th century which still hasn’t been scientifically verified.

DSC_8790 1100After exploring “Chaos” we will move on to our second site situated on the western slope of “Velatouri” hill which is the centre of the ancient deme of Thorikos. From this ancient deme or suburb today the following have been preserved – the ancient theatre which we will visit, parts of the settlement, the facilities where the processing of the extracted metal ore took place, a square tower of the 4th century B.C., cemeteries and the sanctuary of Demeter and her daughter. On the west side of the hill most tombs date to the Geometric (1,100-700 B.C.) and the Archaic (700-480 B.C.) periods, while fewer are the burials which date to the middle of the 5th and the 4th centuries B.C. On the southern slope the tombs dating from the 7th, 6th and the 4th centuries B.C. belong to young individuals and children.

Finally, after lunch we will proceed to οur last and most important destination, the largest mine in Attica which combines the mystery of galleries with the beauty of caves. This is the main reason that sets this mine apart from all others. On entering, we will admire apart from the huge chamber which is supported upon natural and artificial pillars, the formations which really remind us of natural cave formations. Moreover we will visit several of the intertwining tunnels connected to the main chamber. Each of these separate naturally decorated galleries hold delights waiting to be discovered…

DSC_8863 1100

More information and photos can be found on our Facebook page Terra Incognita Travel We look forward to meeting you!!!