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7. ΘΡΗΣΚΕΥΤΙΚΟΣ ΤΟΥΡΙΣΜΟΣReligious tourism is one of the oldest forms of tourism. It expresses the need of a person to visit a sacred place and come closer to the divine. Since ancient times, many travellers have been visiting sacred places. Believers would cover great distances just to participate in religious rituals. For instance, ancient Greeks would visit Delphi to seek the advice of the Oracle and Epidaurus to be healed at the temple of Asclepius. Christian pilgrims would travel to the Holy Land using every available means and with little or no food, just to communicate with god.

In our excursions, the participants will be able to visit churches and monasteries as well as buildings with religious and historic importance. The above may include Byzantine temples, medieval chapels and abandoned monasteries, or even ancient temples in remote places.

Those who participate in these excursions are actually making a contribution in promoting those regions where the religious monuments stand, also in the preservation of regional culture and finally in the utilization of our cultural heritage. They will also have the chance to visit places of great natural beauty, walking down trails leading to holy archaeological “treasures”.