Terra Incognita Travel was established by a team of partners and friends with common interests, ranging from exploration, study, and recording of caves, to underground natural formations or man made structures and unique sites and monuments of ancient or contemporary history.

Terra Incognita Travel staff is heavily experienced cavers. They have attended training courses organized by caving clubs covering both the sport and scientific aspects of caving. We work together, responsibly, with a big smile, with love and care about what we do always taking into consideration personal contribution by each member of our team. Our goal, based on our knowledge and experience, is to offer an outstanding package of group or personal activities (vacations, voyages, trips, excursions) that will thrill you.

Among others we visit underground sites. In order to have access to such places, highly trained staff is required. Our excursions underground include among others, caves and ancient or contemporary manmade tunnels which may be part of structures such as quarries or bunkers.

Our primary objective is for you to have fun while living an adventure and being absolutely safe. Together, we will “travel back in time” by visiting well known archaeological sites as well as forgotten historic places that we choose with considerable care by referring to both Greek and international bibliography.

Our experienced staff will be there to guide you in every step of the way. The aim is to help you gain knowledge and open your mind while you actively participate in the activities and face new challenges no matter your age!

The choices are many and very interesting. Churches and monasteries, ruins of ancient temples, medieval castles, ancient fortification walls, burial chambers and cemeteries, ruined deserted villages, historic houses, old ports and lighthouses, lakes, streams and old bridges, springs, even entrances to the Underworld…

An exciting tour of well known or “secret” sites of Greece is waiting for you. Building upon our many years of experience we provide high service quality and organize unforgettable trips by transforming your vacations to a one of a kind experience.