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8. ΓΙΑ ΖΕΥΓΑΡΙΑ ΚΑΙ ΝΕΟΝΥΜΦΩΝ_smallIf you are looking for the most exciting experience of your life and want your romantic trip or your honeymoon to be forever engraved on your mind, let us guide you to those mythical sites in the land of the timeless romance between Cupid and Psyche.

Legend has it that Psyche was so beautiful that Aphrodite ordered her son, Cupid, to make her fall in love with someone ugly. But when Cupid saw her, he fell in love with her. They were engaged, but Cupid asked Psyche not to ever try to see his face, or else he would leave her.

Psyche’s sisters convinced her that her husband is a monster so she tried to kill him in his sleep and saw his face. Cupid saw her looking at his face and flew away. Psyche looked for him and asked Aphrodite for help. Finally, Cupid forgave her and led her to Olympus where she became immortal and lived together happily ever after.

For you who wish to live your love and solidify your ties by living the myth, we have chosen and organised romantic walks, explorations and guided tours following ancient paths. You will watch unique sunsets in places that sooth the soul and love becomes stronger.