1.EksormhseisYour love for the alternative and nature motivates you to walk down secret paths leading to legendary places. If old ruined medieval castles and underground air raid shelters capture your imagination and you have always wanted to visit those caves and ancient hallowed grounds you read about on the Internet, then you should join us and live the thrill of an unusual trip.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk down an underground tunnel or be at a long forgotten historic site? If only the thought of it excites you, follow us on a journey of magic and discovery and make your dreams come true!

Breathtaking treks in remote places following well trodden paths or some of the paths less travelled. Selected for lovers of adventure who are not afraid to take the challenge!

In our excursions we will visit easily accessible sites, including monuments open to the public or sites that are yet to be developed but can be reached without difficulties. In such a case there is no need for hiking in rugged terrain, and visits to underground sites present no technical difficulties.

Our excursions also include sites which are unknown to the general public. Accessibility is slightly difficult since there may be a hike on trails not well trodden. Visiting of underground sites may include demanding sections, since these are not developed for tourists. Obeying safety rules is always a key issue. 

Finally, in some of our excursions we visit places that are harder to reach, such as abandoned historic monuments (medieval castles, abandoned villages), which we usually access through footpaths that are difficult to traverse. The visitor may also be guided safely in exploring unknown and impressive underground passages, facing conditions very close to the actual exploration of the site.