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schoolsTerra Incognita Travel is characterized by thoroughness, reliability and credibility and is always aiming to combine sharing knowledge with experiencing unique moments.

Terra Incognita Travel and its associates organise school trips and make sure they run safely and smoothly.

Trips may include visits to:

  • caves and sites of outstanding natural beauty (lakes, springs etc.)
  • museums, well known or forgotten archaeological sites
  • monuments of the past and contemporary history of our land (ancient or medieval castles, World War II fortifications)
  • religious monuments such as byzantine churches and monasteries


In each excursion participants will be accompanied by the most suitable person, such as:

  • experienced cavers
  • tour guides
  • archaeologists
  • specialized scientists who will provide comprehensive educational services especially designed to meet the needs of the students


Our primary consideration is for the activities to run safely. Only then will the students feel relaxed to familiarize themselves with the ancient lessons learned from the Greek mythology and try to understand the centuries-old notions such as democracy, in places other than the classroom.

Our schedules incorporate short visits in museums or archaeological sites, also day or multi day trips to special places in Greece.

Caves are a special part of our schedules. Most of the Greek caves are not organised to welcome the general public. The exploration of such a cave can be a unique and rare opportunity for a visitor, and even more so for the kids. They will be part of creative games  involving discovery.

During those recreational and educational visits, kids learn how to cope with controlling and coordinating their movements as well as understand the value of cooperation and teamwork. They collect information which they categorize and assess, with respect to the environment, while learning the importance of protecting it.

Give your children the chance to live the adventure and safely explore nature, monuments and especially caves, those magical places that were a safe haven from the dawn of mankind.

Earth of Marathonomachi (Coming Soon…)

Earth of Marathonomachi (Coming Soon...)
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In this day-long tour we shall wander on locations of Attiki, with great archeological, historical and naturalistic value. We are starting our tour at 8:30 a.m for our first destination, the region of Marathonas, which has taken a special reputation, after the Athenean defeated the Persians, on the Marathon Battle in 490 b.C. We will visit...
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